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School Libraries play an essential role in the process of developing 21st century learners. Use the many links in this post to help you and your school to strengthen its own library program:

Learning Resources

Resources by New Hampshire School Librarians

  • A recently published book, The Learning Commons, by Pam Harland, describes how to transform the school library into a learning commons.
  • Here’s another learning commons resource from Pam’s colleague, Ray Palin.
  • Nancy Keane’s Children’s Literature website first went live in the year 1995! There are tons of book talks, podcasts, and other resources here.

Advocacy Resources

  • The American Library Association (ALA) has compiled some important research and statistics — they call it Add It Up — to help you make the case for your school (and public) library.
  • The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) provides several useful toolkits to help you communicate the essential role of the school library, such as the School Librarian’s Role in Reading Toolkit which describes that “school librarians are in a critical and unique position to partner with other educators to elevate the reading development of our nation’s youth. This toolkit offers resources to ensure the SL role in reading.”
  • One of Seth Godin’s posts about the importance of the library.


  • In New Hampshire – The NH School Library Media Association (NHSLMA) shares their expertise regarding information and communication technologies via their website, newsletters, and spring conference.
  • In the U.S. – The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) provides a wealth of information, publications, standards, and more.